It contains everything you need to show authentic manual minting of commemorative coins/medals/tokens.

MINTMASTER minting equipment serves as a tourist attraction which allows secure minting of coins (tokens) up to a diameter of 26 mm. The set includes 1,000 aluminium blanks. The theme of the dies is designed based on customer specifications. A hobnailed wooden block with handles allows easy equipment relocation that can even be handled by just one person. Thanks to the location in the massive frame of the device, there is no need to hold the upper die in your hand, thereby increasing the safety and comfort of the minting.

1) Wooden die block (delivered only in continental EU + UK)
2) Metal die device (steel frame)
3) Upper die according to customer requirements
4) Lower die according to customer requirements
5) Mallet 3 kg
6) Blanks (1,000 pieces of aluminium)

Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 40 cm
Weight: approx. 36 kg, 15 kg without the wooden block

Price of Set 1 (incl. block with items 1-6): 1,500 Euro
Price of Set 2 (without block with items 2-6): 1,300 Euro
Delivery time: approx. 2 months (depending on the die theme)

Shipping: on request

NB. For transport: For legal and logistical reasons, it is not possible to send the device including block (Set 1) outside of continental Europe. Therefore, please order only Set 2.

References: the towns of Jáchymov, Boží Dar, Kroměříž, Krnov, Jeseník, Prudnik (PL), the village of Praskolesy, the museum of Vyškovsko, South-Moravian museum in Znojmo, Dolní Kounice castle, Vlašský Dvůr Kutná Hora, the museum of silver in Kutná Hora...

It´s easy even for children...